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Tableau Conference 2023: Tips & Tricks for a Phenomenal Experience

Tableau Conference 2023, a premier event for data visualization and analytics enthusiasts, is fast approaching. Held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from May 9-11, this annual conference offers an unparalleled experience for both Tableau users and data enthusiasts. Let's delve into this comprehensive guide to help you make the most of your Tableau Conference experience.

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What to Wear at Tableau Conference

When deciding what to wear at the Tableau Conference, comfort and personal style should be your top priorities. Jeans, data-themed T-shirts, and comfortable sneakers are commonplace. Although you may notice some attendees in formal attire or eccentric outfits, dressing comfortably is key. Mandalay Bay and Las Vegas in general are vast, so comfortable footwear is essential for navigating the expansive venue.

Strategize Your Session Attendance

With a plethora of sessions available, it can be challenging to navigate the Tableau Conference. To optimize your experience, plan ahead by using the schedule builder. Be aware that educational sessions, such as community-led tips and tricks, tend to be popular and may fill up quickly. Arrive early for your preferred sessions and be prepared for potential encore presentations on subsequent days.

Attendance has recently been more manageable, with 5,000-8,000 attendees compared to the 15,000+ pre-pandemic peak. This makes it easier to catch essential sessions. And don't miss the Iron Viz event, which showcases Tableau's capabilities in an entertaining arena-style format.

Networking is an essential aspect of the Tableau Conference. Engage in meaningful conversations in the Data Village, the central exhibitor hall. Tableau employees are always eager to assist, so don't hesitate to initiate discussions or seek guidance. Seek out industry-specific breakout tables for more focused networking opportunities.

Participate in Events and Hands-On Training

Opening receptions and Data Night Out are excellent opportunities to socialize and unwind after a day of learning. Tableau is known for hosting unforgettable Data Night Out events, so be sure not to miss them. Remember to leave laptops and other gear in your room to avoid carrying them throughout the evening, and always have your conference badge for entry.

Hands-on workshops offer an opportunity to gain practical experience and learn directly from Tableau experts. Make the most of beginner, intermediate, and advanced sessions to enhance your Tableau skills. Recordings and reference materials are often available after the conference if you can't attend an entire session.

Other Tips

Las Vegas can be overwhelming, especially when attending an exciting data conference. Allocate time for breaks between sessions and networking to recharge. Proximity to the conference venue makes it easier to take a respite during the day and explore Las Vegas at your leisure. Don't forget to book hotels for Tableau Conference 2023!

Armed with this comprehensive guide, you're prepared for a rewarding and unforgettable Tableau Conference 2023 experience. Immerse yourself in learning, networking, and fun as you navigate the exceptional world of Tableau. See you in Vegas!

For more details, please refer to the Tableau Conference website (opens in a new tab).