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Top 20 ChatGPT Plugins You Can't Miss Out

Top 20 ChatGPT Plugins You Can't Miss Out: Unlocking Personalized AI Experience

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In the realm of generative AI, OpenAI'sChatGPT has emerged as a game-changer. With its web browsing feature and an array of beta plugins, ChatGPT has revolutionized the way we interact with AI. Now, the experience becomes even more dynamic with OpenAI Rolling Out ChatGPT Plugins. For ChatGPT Plus users, the updated internet search capabilities provide a new dimension of convenience and efficiency.

In this article, we dive into the top 20 plugins for ChatGPT Plugins from OpenAI that you can't afford to miss. These tools can answer questions about recent topics and events, provide personalized answers to your queries, and transform the way you manage your digital tasks.


1. Slack

With the Slack plugin (opens in a new tab), ChatGPT can handle your Slack querying needs, allowing you to communicate with your team seamlessly while working on other tasks.

2. Zapier

A major highlight is the Zapier plugin (opens in a new tab) which lets ChatGPT interact with over 5000+ apps like Google Sheets and Docs. This functionality expands the scope of automation and productivity significantly.

3. Expedia

Planning a trip has never been more convenient. The Expedia plugin (opens in a new tab) enables ChatGPT to bring your trip plans to life, consolidating all your itinerary needs in one place.

4. Klarna Shopping

Get the best deals with the Klarna Shopping plugin (opens in a new tab), as ChatGPT searches and compares prices from thousands of online shops.

5. Vogue

For the fashion-conscious, the Vogue plugin (opens in a new tab) allows ChatGPT to sift through Vogue articles, providing a personalized fashion update at your fingertips.

6. TODO plugin

The TODO plugin is a gem for productivity enthusiasts, allowing you to manage a TO-DO list within ChatGPT. You can set, edit, and tick off tasks with ease.

7. Lowes

For all your home improvement needs, the Lowes plugin (opens in a new tab) enables ChatGPT to find the right tools for you. Just name your project, and ChatGPT will do the rest.

8. Speechki

Transform your text into audio with the Speechki plugin. This plugin unlocks text-to-audio conversions, offering a fantastic tool for learning, reading, or accessibility needs.

9. FigGPT

FigGPT plugin allows you to design using Figma right inside ChatGPT, thus enhancing your design process.

10. Noteable

The Noteable plugin lets you create notebooks in Python, SQL, and Markdown, making data exploration and visualization a breeze. Speaking of data visualization, it's the perfect time to introduce VizGPT.

VizGPT, Visualize Data with Prompts (opens in a new tab)

VizGPT (opens in a new tab) provides a chat interface to create and edit data visualizations. You can generate visualizations with a natural language query and edit your visualization in context. It's ideal for users unfamiliar with data visualization tools or data transformations.

Try out VizGPT (opens in a new tab)


Planning and booking your next trip is simple with the KAYAK plugin for ChatGPT. This feature provides an intuitive way to plan your travels.

12. LangChain Docs

Stay up-to-date with LangChain Python library through the LangChain Docs plugin. This is a boon for full-stack data scientists and programmers alike.

13. Weather Report

The Weather Report plugin offers up-to-date weather data on any city within seconds.

14. Crypto Prices

Stay informed about the financial world with the Crypto Prices plugin, providing recent data on stocks and crypto.

15. NBA

The NBA plugin keeps you updated on the NBA standings & stats.

16. Qdrant

The Qdrant plugin is perfect for searching through Qdrant's documentation, allowing for easy navigation and resource utilization.

17. Open Table

Discover and reserve tables at restaurants anywhere, anytime, with the Open Table plugin. This feature not only offers restaurant recommendations but also provides reservation links.

18. Zilliz Plugin

With the Zilliz Plugin, you can search through your documentation and interact with it, enhancing your knowledge base exploration.

19. Wolfram

The Wolfram plugin offers access to computation, math, curated knowledge, and real-time data, becoming an essential tool for scientists, researchers, and learners.

20. Pricerunner

Finally, with the Pricerunner plugin, get the perfect shopping suggestions tailored to your preferences and needs.

How to Enable ChatGPT Plugins

It's simple to enable these ChatGPT Plugins. Visit the OpenAI website and follow the instructions to add them to your ChatGPT account.

These plugins are a testament to the power of AI in shaping our digital experience, offering a truly personalized AI experience. As a ChatGPT Plus user, you can enjoy these benefits and more, bringing in an era of interactive, intuitive, and intelligent AI communication. Access the Updates today and don't miss out on joining the ChatGPT Plugin Developer Waitlist!


What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an advanced AI model developed by OpenAI, designed to understand and generate human-like text based on the input it receives.

How can I enable plugins for ChatGPT?

You can enable plugins for ChatGPT through OpenAI's website. Detailed instructions are provided there.

What benefits do ChatGPT plugins provide?

ChatGPT plugins enhance the functionality of ChatGPT by allowing it to interact with various web apps and services, offer real-time data, provide personalized responses, and much more.

Can I customize my ChatGPT experience?

Yes, with the variety of plugins available, you can customize your ChatGPT experience to suit your specific needs.

Is there a plugin for data visualization in ChatGPT?

Yes, VizGPT is a plugin that allows users to create and edit data visualizations within ChatGPT.


The introduction of these plugins is a game-changer in the world of AI, creating a new landscape for interactive and personalized web browsing in ChatGPT. And this is just the beginning. With an ever-growing list of plugins, the possibilities are endless. It's an exciting time to be a part of the ChatGPT Plus users' community!

Check out VizGPT (opens in a new tab) to start exploring the wonders of AI and witness how it reshapes the world of information exchange and communication. See you there!