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Introducing RATH: Your ChatGPT-Powered Personal Data Analyst

Introducing RATH: Your ChatGPT-Powered Personal Data Analyst

RATH gets an update! Now you can use ChatGPT within RATH as your personal Data Analyst.

Struggling with overwhelming data and clunky BI tools can be a nightmare. But with RATH, you can say goodbye to the chaos and hello to effortless data analysis.

RATH (opens in a new tab) integrates ChatGPT into your data analysis workflow, acting as your 24/7 personal data analyst, streamlining your workflow and boosting your productivity. Get instant insights and stunning visualizations without the hassle.

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Get Instant Insight with No Code

The workflow is stunningly simple:

  1. Connect Your Data Source to RATH
  2. Ask Any Question
  3. You can get instant Data Insights and Visualizations within seconds.

Everything is done with natural language, with no code required. Check out this awesome Demo about investigating the relationship between Bitcoin price and Gold price in history, by simply talking to RATH:

You can see how RATH easily extracts data from multiple sources and uses natural language to help you explore and understand your data.

Turbocharge Your Productivity

And say goodbye to data processing headaches!

Small teams often struggle with SQL queries and data processing, especially without a dedicated data analyst or technical skills. That's where RATH comes in to save the day.

RATH makes it easy for small teams to handle data processing using simple everyday language. Any team member can ask RATH for the information they need, and they'll quickly get useful insights and visualizations. This way, teams can focus on making the most of their data instead of struggling to get it.

Seamless Workflow Integration

RATH supports a wide range of data sources that does not disturb your existing workflow. Here are some of the major database solutions that you can connect to RATH:

Supported Database by RATH

We are about to launch the support for AirTable Integration. You can easily visualize your AirTable data with Natural Languages! Simply connect RATH to your AirTable data, and watch the magic happen:

Inspired? Unlock the insights of your data with one prompt: ChatGPT-powered RATH is Open for Beta Stage now! Get onboard and check it out!

ChatGPT + RATH, Get Data Insights with One Prompt (opens in a new tab)