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Scatter Plots and Heatmaps
Bike Sharing Demand Prediction

Bike Sharing Demand Prediction

This ScatterPlot visualization delves into the relationship between the casual users and registered users of a specific bike-sharing service. It provides insights into the distributions of these user groups on working days and weekends.

Data Source

The data utilized for this visualization is obtained from the Bike Sharing Dataset (opens in a new tab).

ScatterPlot Visualization

The ScatterPlot below illustrates the relationship between casual and registered users, considering the distinction between working days and weekends:

In this visualization, the x-axis represents the number of casual users, the y-axis represents the number of registered users, and the data points are differentiated by colors indicating whether it is a working day or a weekend.

Explore the ScatterPlot to gain insights into the patterns and distributions of bike-sharing demand among different user groups on working days and weekends.

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