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Connect Data
Connect to Bigquery

Connect to Bigquery


Before using Bigquery as your data source, you need to collect the following information:

Bigquery Project ID

  • Obtain your credentials with the following steps:

Visit the Service Accounts (opens in a new tab) page of your Google Cloud Console. Choose your project.

You can create a new key on the Service Accounts page. Click on the Actions option on the right side of the screen, and choose Manage Keys.

Bigquery Manage Keys

Click on the Add Key* -> Create new key option. Select JSON as the key type, and click on the Create button to download the JSON file.

Bigquery JSON Key

Connect to Bigquery

Construct your Connection URI with the obtained Project ID.

Copy the content of the JSON file and paste the content into the Credentials box:

Bigquery credentials

Click on the Submit button and connect your Bigquery data to RATH.