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For more details about the deployment process, contact us via email or join us on Discord (opens in a new tab) for support.

Deploy RATH Client Locally

Prerequisites: Make sure you have properly setup all the dependencies on your system, which includes: npm (opens in a new tab) | yarn (opens in a new tab) | git (opens in a new tab)

You can easily deploy RATH Client locally with the following steps:

Mac OSX/Linux Environment

Step 1. Clone the RATH (opens in a new tab) repository:

git clone && cd Rath

Step 2. Setup RATH Client locally

yarn install
yarn workspace rath-client build

Step 3. Start RATH Client

yarn workspace rath-client start

Run RATH Client Locally

If the default port (localhost:3000) is not available, RATH will automatically prompt a new port suggestion. Enter y and press Enter to boot up RATH.