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Our Community

Our Community

Kanaries RATH is built on the backbone of a group of dedicated developers and data scientists. We are a globally based community that is open-sourced and open-minded.

"In God we trust. All others must bring data"

-- W. Edwards Deming

πŸ“š Community Documentations

The Kanaries RATH Project is actively being developed and maintained by our army of contributors. We are a globally based community that is open-sourced and open-minded. Check out our Community Documentation:

πŸ¦‹ Become an Angel User

For active community members, we would like to elevate your community role to an "Angel User" for our project, and grant you the chance to directly talk with the founder! Here's the step you need to undertake to become an Angel User:

  • Complete a survey (opens in a new tab)
  • Elevate your role on Discord server as an "Angel User"
  • Receive giveaways
  • Talk with the founder!

πŸ¦‹ Get onboard now, and let's grow together! πŸ¦‹

πŸ₯‡ Top Committers

Developers are at the core of the Kanaries RATH community. Thank you for being a contributor to the open-source project. Enlisted Top Committers are:

If you want to become one of us, learn ways to contribute and become a Kanaries RATH contributor.

πŸ‚ Community Status

Monitor the latest status of the Kanaries RATH project with this dynamic dashboard:

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