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Content Collaboration

Content Collaboration

Now we are welcome for different forms of collaboration.

Kanaries Creator Initiative

Kanaries Creators are not just users; they're pioneers who continuously push the boundaries of what's possible with our products. Whether you're passionate about crafting riveting content, helping others in their creative journey, or exploring the very depths of our Open Source projects — we invite you to be a part of our Creator Initiative.


  • Exclusive Access: Dive into our SaaS with complimentary credits and an online playground dedicated to our Open Source projects. Join discord and slack channel only for creators where there will be exclusive events, giveaways, and more.
  • Spotlight: We don’t just appreciate your content; we amplify it. Exceptional creations will be featured across our website and our vibrant social media platforms.
  • Collaboration: Engage directly with the Kanaries team, have your voice heard, and shape the future of our products.
  • Recognition: Outstanding creators earn a coveted spot on our dedicated creator website, showcasing their talents to our community at large.

Connect with Us: Share your masterpieces, seek guidance, or simply chat with fellow creators at our dedicated Kanaries Discord Channel (opens in a new tab). Our team is ever-present, ready to review your contributions and extend the necessary support.

Join us in this creative odyssey. These are your stories waiting to be told.

SEO Collaboration

Guest Post

If you have a related topic in data science, data visualization, data infra, AI. Welcome to submit a guest post to us. We will review it and publish it on our website.

You should follow the following rules:

  • Please limit the number of links in your articles.
  • Please do not submit articles that have been published elsewhere.
  • Please submit a markdown file and all images in a zip file.


We only accept backlinks from related websites. If you want to exchange backlinks with us, please send an email to

For now, we only accept backlinks from websites with content related to Kanaries' products.