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How Many Points to Win Premier League/Avoid Regulation?

Premier League Visualized: How Many Points to Win/Avoid Relegation?

The 2022-2023 Premier League has come to a close with Manchester City winning the title with a cutting-edge 89 points, while Leichester City, Leeds United and Southampton were relegated. As the former EPL winner, Leicester City got 34 points, only 2 points away from Everton to avoid falling.

So, how many points do you need to be safe from regulation in Premier League? And How many points do you need to overcome City, and win the league? We are about to represent a data visualization of the historical rankings in the Premier League. It aims to shed light on the number of points typically needed to achieve various milestones within the league: winning the title, qualifying for the UEFA Champions League, qualifying for the UEFA Europa League, and avoiding relegation.

How Many Points Do You Need to Win Premier League?

As we have observed from the visualization, you need to shoot for 80 - 90 points during the pre-Guardiola era to win the title. If you are Leicester City, 81 points are well-enough for Ranieri and his boys to win one of the most competitive leagues in Europe.

However, City has lifted the bar for champion qualification to a whole new level. They are constantly reaching over 90 points, sometimes even breaking 100 points. So, if you are one of the investors who want to build a title-winning team, good luck for ya!

How Many Points Do You Need to Qualify for the European Champions League?

This question varies quite a lot and depends on the performance of your competitor. If you are unlucky enough, for example, Tottenham Spurs failed to qualify for the 2012-2013 Champions League despite scoring 69 points, because Chealse miraculously won the European Champions League against all odds. So, if you are a coach running for the Top 4, you better keep an eye on the Live EPL Table.

How Many Points Do You Need to Avoid Relegation?

It could be tough, but relegation is part of life for small clubs struggling in the Premier League. Fulham was relegated with 28 points in the 2020-2021 season, but hey, 35 points are safe enough to take a breath.

However, you could be Ipswich Town in the 2001-2002 season, or Wigan Athletic in the 2012-2013 season, relegated from the Premier League but still qualify for Euro League. There is always some silver lining in life, isn't it?

Data Source: Premier League Standings 22 Seasons (2000-2022) (opens in a new tab)

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