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UFO Sightings Visualized: Tracking UFO Sightings in U.S.

UFO Sightings Visualized: Tracking UFO Sightings in U.S.


Over 80,000 reports of UFO sightings over the last century are compiled in the dataset used for this analysis. These reports, containing key details such as location, time, description, and duration of each sighting, offer an intriguing lens to view and speculate about potential extraterrestrial activity.


There are two versions of this Kaggle dataset (opens in a new tab): scrubbed and complete. For the purposes of this analysis, we use the complete version, which includes entries where the location of the sighting was not found or blank (0.8146%) or have an erroneous or blank time (8.0237%). Despite the challenges of dealing with older data, the dataset provides a comprehensive view of reported UFO sightings.

Key Insights

Our data visualization, focusing on parameters such as datetime, state, shape, and duration, leads to the following key insights:

  • California emerges as the U.S. state with the most reported UFO sightings. This observation aligns with recent reports of possible UFO sightings over a California military base1, sparking speculation and intrigue.


Considering the recent revelations by Tucker Carlson about extraterrestrial life and the claims of David Grusch2, a former Air Force veteran and member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the data seems to support the unfolding narrative. Does the increased UFO activity in California suggest a link to the government's purported evidence of nonhuman-made aircraft?

In the backdrop of these claims and data, the questions remain: What areas of the country are most likely to have UFO sightings? Are there any trends in UFO sightings over time? Do clusters of UFO sightings correlate with landmarks, such as airports or government research centers? What are the most common UFO descriptions?

As we continue to dive deeper into this intriguing dataset, the UFO bombshell seems to have already detonated. It's now up to us to piece together the evidence and make sense of these mysterious occurrences.

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  1. The truth is out there? Investigating mystery triangle UFO spotted above U.S. marine base (opens in a new tab)

  2. Military whistleblower goes public with claims US has secret UFO retrieval program: ‘Terrestrial arms race’ (opens in a new tab)