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Line and Area Charts
Who Survived Titanic? Visualize the Titanic Survivor Data

Who Survived the Titanic? Visualizing Titanic Survivor Data

This area chart provides insights into the factors that influenced survival rates during the Titanic disaster. It explores the relationship between the passenger's Ticket Class (Pclass) and Age (Age) and their likelihood of survival.

Data Source

The data utilized for this visualization is sourced from the Titanic Survival Prediction Dataset (opens in a new tab) available on Kaggle.

Area Chart Visualization

The following area chart illustrates the survival patterns based on Ticket Class and Age:

In this visualization, the x-axis represents Age, the y-axis represents the proportion of survivors, and the areas of different colors correspond to different Ticket Classes (Pclass).

Explore the area chart to gain insights into the relationships between Ticket Class, Age, and survival rates among Titanic passengers. It offers a visual representation of the data, allowing for a better understanding of the factors that influenced survival outcomes.

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