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Scatter Plots and Heatmaps
Visualize Elon Musk's Top Twitter Tweets

Visualize Elon Musk's Top Twitter Tweets

Oh boy, it's time to take look at what is going on in the Bird App!

(Data Source: Kaggle (opens in a new tab))

We are about to visualize the performance of Elon Musk's tweets and figure out which tweets are the best received by our friendly, nuanced, definitely not mob-like audience at

Here are the Top Elon Musk Twitter Tweets as demonstrated by the Visualization:

The bird is Freed

After successfully concluding the $44 billion deal, Mr. Musk sent this legendary tweet. This tweet gets even more street credit, especially considering that was the day just before the deadline imposed by a US court to prevent a trial.

Comedy is Now Legal

Things are about to get fun on the blue bird app, amiright?

Should I Step Down?

Well, that escalated quickly.

Let That Sink In

Yeah, let that sink in.