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VTuber Voice Changer: A Free Tool for Crafting Unique Virtual Voices

In the dynamic world of VTubers, a unique and engaging voice can set your character apart. Voice is the essence of your virtual identity, setting the tone for audience engagement. A VTuber voice changer allows you to craft and modulate your persona's voice as you wish. One standout free, open-source tool that offers this capability is developed by Wataru Okada and is available on GitHub.

Introduction to VTuber Voice Changer

The VTuber voice changer developed by Wataru Okada is a versatile tool that can modify your voice in real-time, making it an indispensable asset for VTubers who wish to customize their voices for live streaming or recorded content.

You can access the voice changer tool on its GitHub page (opens in a new tab).

Getting Started with VTuber Voice Changer

To begin using the voice changer, clone the GitHub repository to create a local copy on your computer.

Here's a simple command to clone this repository:

git clone

Installing VTuber Voice Changer Dependencies

The VTuber voice changer is developed using Python and several libraries. To ensure a seamless operation, be sure to install the necessary dependencies before using the tool.

Navigate to the cloned repository directory and run the following command:

pip install -r requirements.txt

This command will install all required dependencies listed in the requirements.txt file.

Using VTuber Voice Changer

Once the dependencies are installed, you're ready to embark on your journey of voice modulation. Here's a simple example of how to change your voice:

import vc_client
# Load your audio file
input_audio = vc_client.load_audio("your_audio_file.wav")
# Change your voice
changed_audio = vc_client.change_voice(input_audio, pitch_shift=2.0)
# Save the changed voice to a file
vc_client.save_audio(changed_audio, "changed_voice.wav")

In this sample code, we load an audio file, change its pitch, and save the result to a new file.

Customizing Your Voice with VTuber Voice Changer

This voice changer provides several parameters to fine-tune your voice:

  • pitch_shift: Adjusts the pitch of the audio. Higher values result in higher-pitched voices.
  • speed_change: Alters the speed of the audio without affecting the pitch.
  • formant_shift: Modifies the formants of the audio, altering the perceived age and gender of the speaker.

For instance, to create a young girl's voice, you might use a high pitch shift and a high formant shift:

changed_audio = vc_client.change_voice(input_audio, pitch_shift=3.0, formant_shift=2.0)


As a VTuber, your voice is instrumental in defining your character. The VTuber Voice Changer by Wataru Okada offers a simple, effective, and free tool to design your virtual persona's voice just as you imagine. For more information and detailed instructions, visit the voice changer's GitHub page (opens in a new tab).

Step into the thrilling realm of voice modulation with the VTuber Voice Changer and let your virtual identity truly stand out. And remember, it's free and open-source!