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GPT-Code UI: An Open Source Answer to ChatGPT Code Interpreter

For those eager for the ChatGPT Code Interpreter, the open-source GPT-Code UI emerges as a fantastic alternative. This user-friendly platform delivers an array of features that not only mimic the ChatGPT Code Interpreter but also offer some unique capabilities.

GPT-Code UI: The Emergence of an Innovative Open Source ChatGPT Code Interpreter

Frustrated with the wait for the ChatGPT Code Interpreter, developer Rick Lamers took initiative and created GPT-Code UI. This project, now freely available on GitHub and PyPI, invites the developer community to enhance its functionalities, providing an evolving tool to keep pace with the advances in Language Models.

Installing GPT-Code UI: Your Open Source ChatGPT Code Interpreter Alternative

Getting started with GPT-Code UI is simple. All you need is to open your terminal and type:

$ pip install gpt-code-ui
$ gptcode

And that's it! You're now ready to experience the wide array of features GPT-Code UI has to offer.

Exploring GPT-Code UI's Features: An Open Source ChatGPT Code Interpreter in Action

GPT-Code UI brings to the table an impressive array of features that makes it a worthy open source alternative to the ChatGPT Code Interpreter:

  • File upload and download: GPT-Code UI allows easy uploading of files for processing and convenient downloading of results.
  • Context awareness: The tool refers to your previous messages to maintain a coherent context.
  • Code generation and execution: Powered by the Python kernel, GPT-Code UI generates and executes Python code effortlessly.
  • Model switching: Users can switch between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models, depending on their specific requirements.

What sets GPT-Code UI apart is its compatibility with the Jupyter kernel and Flask, and its use of the GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 models for inference.

Tailoring the GPT-Code UI Experience: Customizing Your Open Source ChatGPT Code Interpreter

GPT-Code UI provides a certain degree of customization, allowing you to override several environment variables. You can also change the OpenAI API endpoint by setting the OPENAI_BASE_URL environment variable.

Open Source ChatGPT Code Interpreter

Contribute to GPT-Code UI: Joining the Open Source ChatGPT Code Interpreter Initiative

Being an open-source project, GPT-Code UI thrives on community contributions. Whether it's adding new features, fixing bugs, or enhancing documentation, your input can make a real difference.

You can check out GPT-Code UI GitHub here (opens in a new tab).


In conclusion, GPT-Code UI is a robust, open source alternative to the ChatGPT Code Interpreter. It offers powerful functionalities and provides an opportunity for community enhancements. This project serves as a testament to how open source initiatives can drive innovation and fulfill the evolving needs of the developer community.