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GWalkR: Explore your data with interactive visualization interface in R

GWalkR is a new data visualization tool in R, which allows you to visualize you dataframe in a "tableau" style UI.

There are many data visualization tools in R, such as ggplot2. However, most of them requires you to be very familiar with thier APIs, it usually costs time to search those API in google or offical documents. With GWalkR, you only need one line of code, which turns your dataframe into a embeded interactive data app, and you can explore your data with a "tableau" style UI with easy drag and drop operations.

Quick Tutorial

If you prefer using Python, you can check out PyGWalker (opens in a new tab)!

Setup GWalkR

Through CRAN (Recommended)


Through Running R Script

If you have devtools installed in R, you can run the following R code to install.


Through Package Archive File (.tar.gz)

Alternatively, download the package archive file GWalkR_latest.tar.gz from this link (opens in a new tab). Open R Studio, click "Install" in the "Packages" window, and select "Package Archive File (.tgz; .tar.gz)" in the "Install from". Then, select the archive in your file system and click "Install".

Start Your Data Exploration in a Single Line of Code